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If you like playing Candy Crush Saga you'll love this latest game from King.com
Now available as a mobile app!!..

Farm Heroes Saga is a very similar game with a few twists.
Instead of candies Farm Heroes Saga uses fruits and vegetables to switch around and some levels have a raccoon called Rancid who you have to defeat by throwing fruit at him!

On the right of this site you will find level guide videos and on the left will be hints and tips and help for playing this game as well as others.

Sound effects are fun and still make me smile after completing the whole 70 levels available at the time of writing.

If you are waiting for new levels in Candy Crush, or just fancy a new twist to the game play Farm Heroes Saga by clicking on the image below..

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Farm Heroes Saga level 811

Hints and tips to help you pass level 811 Farm Heroes Saga
Cascades galore is the answer to passing level 811.
Watch how the player uses his shovels to best advantage to collect the crops and the black sheep.
If you have any tips that may help other players please share them by commenting below the video.

Farm Heroes Saga level 812

Hints and tips to help you pass level 812 Farm Heroes Saga
The player uses shovels to complete level 812, but the video will give you tips on the strategy involved to pass level 812.
If you don't know how to get 6 shovels for each game here's how.
When you go to buy shovels click on buy quickly a few times and you should be able to get 2 lots of 3.
If you have any tips for this level please share them by commenting below the video.